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February 12, 2009

Towards a Reactionary Queer Theory

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I am reading a book edited by a friend of mine, Marcelline Block. In the introduction she quotes an introduction to film theory that invokes Foucault and queer theory in calling for “an ethic of exploration that mobilizes the forces of heterogeneity present in every individual.” The authors no doubt envision a world where the forces of sexual reaction are put to flight, but despite my own fondness for reactionary sexual mores I find nothing to disagree with in their exhortation. In fact, I find the idea charming and inspiring. If gender is one part physiology and one part performance art, may we reactionaries join the queer theorists in suggesting that we should enact our genders as an endless variation on a theme provided to us by the genetic reality of female and male? And should we differ from the queer theorists in subjecting these variations to judgment? And if we are judging a theme and variations, shouldn’t we judge the complete work by a specifically aesthetic criterion?

David Schaengold



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