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February 27, 2009

Naked Babes (II)

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The Senate Judiciary Committee voted their approval of David Ogden, the Obama nominee for Deputy Attorney General who has made a career arguing for some of the nation’s sleaziest purveyors of child pornography.

This event would be shocking enough even if there weren’t many qualified liberal lawyers available to Obama who hadn’t argued that videos called “Little Girls Bottoms (Underside)” and “Little Blondes” were not child pornography unless “the genitals or pubic area exhibited” were “somewhat visible or discernible through the child’s clothing.”

Despite the attempts of conservative and feminist writers to raise awareness about Ogden’s extreme and reprehensible views, the issue gained little traction in the blogosphere. While it may not be polite to speak of pornography or correct (according to the inverted economy of conservative opposition to political correctness) to call for more equal representation of women, I have to wonder if one reason is that so many bloggers are young men. As the first generation to grow up with easily accessible internet pornography begins to shape the public debate,  those who seek to fight obscenity and limit sexual exploitation face unique challenges. While few will consume such content, the most extreme forms of pornography stand to benefit from the prevalence of milder kinds of pornography. One short-term solution I would recommend (with some hypocrisy, writing as I do on an all-male blog)  is to encourage more women to enter the blogosphere.

-Matthew Schmitz


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  1. Interesting point about the male-dominated blogosphere. Perhaps you ought to explore feminist perspectives on pornography.

    Also, concerning the milder forms of pornography- that prompts discussions in a variety of topics, including education in children (what will we deem inappropriate? on what grounds?), censorship (at the expense of free will?), and the significance of pleasure as a good to be sought by our generation, to name a few. Looking forward to your thoughts on these matters. Perhaps the Compass will get to a few of these subjects as well.

    Comment by Maria Pluta — March 3, 2009 @ 10:12 pm

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