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March 2, 2009

Another Neocon Lie Exposed

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From the Pseudodoxia Epidemica of 1646, Thomas Browne refutes the idea that storks “are to be found, and will only live in” democratic nations:

That Storks are to be found, and will only live in Republikes or free States, is a petty conceit to advance the opinion of popular policies, and from Antipathies in nature, to disparage Monarchical government. But how far agreeable unto truth, let them consider who read in Pliny, that among the Thessalians who were governed by Kings, and much abounded with Serpents, it was no less then capital to kill a Stork. That the Ancient Egyptians honoured them, whose government was from all times Monarchical. That Bellonius affirmeth, men make them nests in France. That relations make them common in Persia, and the dominions of the great Turk. And lastly, how Jeremy the Prophet delivered himself unto his countreymen, whose government was at that time Monarchical. The Stork in the heaven knowing her appointed time, the Turtile, Crane, and Swallow observe the time of their coming, but my people know not the judgment of the Lord. Wherein to exprobrate their stupidity, he induceth the providence of Storks. Now if the bird had been unknown, the illustration had been obscure, and the exprobration not so proper.

Another block removed from the teetering Jenga tower of neoconservative thought.  (via Kottke)

-Matthew Schmitz


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