Plumb Lines

March 3, 2009

Front Porch Republic

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Sites like New Majority and Culture11 have grabbed a great deal of attention, but I suspect that the new Front Porch Republic is likely to be more important, in its way, than any of them. There have been a lot of proposals for what is needed to fix our nation and political system. Is it the Obama administration’s massive stimulus? Rush Limbaugh-style denial? The extent of the crisis indicates that what is needed is not a new political movement or policy solution. The only long-term fix will be a reorienting of the national consciousness toward an appreciation for what Front Porch Republic calls “Place. Limits. Liberty.” If it can help do this, FPR will be far more important than some of the flashier projects out there. I, for one, couldn’t be happier to see the new media put into the service of the good old things. It’s about time the internet had a place to shoot the bull, pitch woo, and hang the flag.

-Matthew Schmitz


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