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March 31, 2009

Holiday in Guantánamo

Filed under: Uncategorized — Michael E. van Landingham @ 12:14 pm

I guess the Dead Kennedys were wrong about Cambodia— there’s more fun to be had in tropical Gitmo than in the Killing Fields. (Especially if you ask Dick Cheney.) Andrew Sullivan over at The Daily Dish points out an interesting contradiction found in the pages of the Washington Post. It seems that waterboarding is torture when performed by the Khmer Rouge, but it’s just part of a “harsh interrogation” when conducted by agents of the United States government.

Torture is torture. It is illegal and immoral regardless of the torturer’s nationality, the location of his torture chamber, or even the cause for which he is torturing. If you are still not convinced that torture is evil, unconstitutional, and ineffective, I’d recommend the essay Of Crimes and Punishments by Cesare Bonesana, Marchese Beccaria.

-Michael E. van Landingham


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