Plumb Lines

April 2, 2009


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There’s been an interesting discussion going on about the ever-increasing post volume in all of our RSS readers. At some point, as the volume of blogs and blog posts increases, perhaps the blogosphere will undergo a kind of blogo-cytokinesis and spawn a number of smaller, self-contained blogospherelles (blogospherelings?). Already there is of course a distinction between informational blogs like Engadget and Drudge (OK, it’s a broad category) and blogs that feature mostly commentary, but to a surprising extent the latter is still one giant network. No one reads even all of the major blogs in the network, but I suspect if you mapped out who’s reading whom exhaustively among commentary blogs, you wouldn’t be able to divide the resulting graphical glop in any non-arbitrary way. That could change, though I hope the fission into blogospherelets (that’s the word we want) won’t be along ideological lines, since part of the pleasure of the reading in the blogosphere is its baroque ideological diversity, with Reihans and Schwenklers and Helen Rittelmeyers all reading each other. In contrast to the world of MSM punditry, the blogosphere rewards writers with coherent but idiosyncratic worldviews, like those three. Perhaps this extravagance of opinion and our RSS readers can both be saved by the establishment of high-, middle-, and low-brow blogocommentariats? To some extent this might already be happening. How many people read both Deneen’s high-brow musings from the right and also the lowest-common-denominator RedState? Maybe Andrew Sullivan, but surely it is exactly his style of exhaustive blog-surfing that becomes more impossible with each passing week.

David Schaengold


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