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April 9, 2009

Decline and Fall

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There is a frightening and fantastic article by Nicolas Eberstadt in the spring edition of World Affairs Journal about the demographic crisis facing the Russian Federation. A must read for anyone interested in demographics, Russia, or foreign affairs, it is possibly the most comprehensive and well written summary of the harsh realities facing Russia that I have read to date. The government here has paid very little attention to the crisis until recently, but it may already be too late.

-Michael E. van Landingham


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  1. […] A right-wing extremist as obviated by the term is an extremist embracing right-wing ideology. Right-wing ideology at its logical extreme seeks to preserve a vision of a society endangered by current political trends or that is already lost to them. In the latter case the right-wing extremist seeks to overthrow the current order and reestablish a country’s former glory. A classic manifestation of this is a society threatened by immigration or growing ethnic minorities. For instance, Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Workers’ Party became popular under the crushing weight of the Great Depression and humiliation brought about by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler’s goal was to recreate the Reich that had been lost, and win glory for the German people over all others. The current neo-Nazi and other ultra-nationalistic movements found in Russia are fed by the fear that migrant laborers will take over Holy Russia as its majority Great Russian ethnic group declines rapidly. […]

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