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April 24, 2009

Paul Weyrich’s Shoes

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I’m delighted to see that my Public Discourse article on why conservatives should love transit has been picked up by the Overheard Wire and Greater Greater Washington. It’s always gratifying to see blogs you admire endorse your work. Overhead Wire mentions Paul Weyrich,  co-founder of the Heritage Foundation and a proponent of all kinds of rail transit (a staunch anti-BRTnik, for those of you who follow that internecine transit fight). While Weyrich was indeed a pro-transit conservative, I’m suggesting that conservatives take a broader, more philosophically coherent approach to shaping the built environment by public policy with the aim of promoting human flourishing.  Weyrich would probably have suggested that this goal is crypto-socialist.

UPDATE: co-blogger Matthew chastises me for being too harsh to Weyrich. De mortuis nil nisi bonum and all that. Also, he was ok with the transit–>community idea, as Matt digs up this old APTA paper to prove. I confess I am perhaps too quick to rush to judgment against conservative culture warriors. Then again, with the history of the last eight years still fresh in our minds, this bias might be understandable, even if undesirable and intolerable.

David Schaengold


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