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April 29, 2009

Obama Wants “People to Live In Communities Where They Don’t Always Have to Be in an Automobile”

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Here are some encouraging words from Ray LaHood:

I think also the President wants to create opportunities for people to live in communities where they don’t always have to be in an automobile to get where they’re going, that perhaps there’s a bus, perhaps there’s light rail, perhaps there’s a bicycle path, perhaps there’s a walking path.

MS. ROMANO: This is the livability concept?

SECRETARY LaHOOD: Yeah, the livable communities idea, and I’m working with the Secretary of HUD, Shaun Donovan. He and I are going to work together on creating the opportunities for people to get out of their cars, to get out of congestion, get out of the smog, and hopefully create opportunities for people to have lots of alternative modes of transportation other than just the automobile.

The other remarkable part of the interview concerned Obama’s selection criteria for a Transportation Secretary:

MS. ROMANO: What did the President tell you he wanted you to do when he offered you this job? What was–what were his priorities?

SECRETARY LaHOOD: He was looking for a Republican. So I met that criteria . . .

Considering how the search was conducted, it’s a miracle we ended up with someone this good.

(via Infrastructurist)

Matthew Schmitz


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