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May 15, 2009

What Really Matters

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David has pointed out the inanity of George Johnson’s piece on  Angels and Demons:

“Was Christ similar to God (homoiousios) or of the same substance (homoousios)? Compared with that, the difference between geocentrism and heliocentrism was a pretty big deal.”

This is like saying that the only difference between arson and parson is a trivial little p, and as a consequence it should be of no concern to us whether a man decides to enter the Anglican priesthood or burn down Canterbury Cathedral.

Johnson’s pieces shows the narrowness of an age that believes the only significant disagreements are those that effect consumptive, and especially sexual, freedom. They understand why it matters if homosexuality is a sin or not. They cannot begin to comprehend why it might matter if Christ is the same as God.

-Matthew Schmitz



  1. No it doesn’t. People deride the theological debate in such terms because they do not understand how foundational the first ecumenical councils were to the early Church. David understands their importance and so do you because you are converts to Catholicism, but I dare you to go out and find five people who can tell you whether Copts are Nestorians or Monophycites. How about the Armenians? What was the Aryan heresy and why was it declared such? And the big one: why did the Orthodox and Roman churches split?

    Believers take it at face value that Jesus is God and part of the Trinity and was fully man and fully God because they’ve had the benefit of 1,500 years or so of such dogma. I’m sure that after years of study of the councils they might see the light. For the time being, it is easier to argue over major questions, like those of homosexuality, because they have only come up in the past fifty years or so.

    Comment by Michael E. van Landingham — May 15, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

  2. For that matter, too, how many people know who Galileo was and what he did? Why was Kepler important? Why did the Catholics already accept a heliocentric model already for the purposes of the calendar change?

    These are all major questions about science, but nary a person could answer them when selected randomly off the street, I am willing to say. So yes, people only really care about the big issues since the small ones seem irrelevant today.

    Comment by Michael E. van Landingham — May 15, 2009 @ 6:06 pm

  3. […] & Demons is about cities, religion, and science, I might as well try, though. We did make reference to a Slate column discussing why the Vatican has had trouble ridding itself of the Illuminati […]

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