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June 2, 2009

Believing Seriously in Grace

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One of Mark Shea’s readers writes in about grace and Dr. Tiller:

However we feel about him, whatever his status is now in the afterlife, Mr. Tiller is a brother in Christ, baptized into the name above all names and thus bound to our union of faith forever. I ask that prayers be made for his soul, and indulgences be offered to him. If he did manage to scrape through and join the blessed lambs on Christ’s right hand side–and I believe God is more merciful in these matters than we can ever begin to comprehend–it is my proposal that we should work to ensure his time in purgatory is very brief.

He knows the truth now. If the truth has indeed set him free, he will be a most powerful ally to us through his intercessions.

A moral-philosophical point: Tiller, though his crimes were objectively much graver than his murderer’s, may be more innocent. It seems entirely possible that he did not think the baby-shaped mammals he killed were people, and was therefore in some sense innocent of their blood. It is possible that he was a Christian of perfect sincerity — even that he was a saint.

David Schaengold


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  1. I very much doubt that a saint would have had such a disordered moral sense. Generally, grace gives and demands much more. Perhaps Tiller displayed some fruits of the spirit, but his brutal life’s work suggests that, at least in some areas, the harvest was very poor. That said, we should pray for his salvation as we pray for that of all men and women.

    Comment by Matthew Schmitz — June 2, 2009 @ 3:26 pm

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