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June 4, 2009

Marriage is Meaningless Without Plurality

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Schwenkler and Poulos on why marriage is political. Do read it all. What it means is that the argument about gay marriage really is about whether we think homosexual sexual unions as a class should be recognized as good. This is a question we are not competent to decide as a polity. For one thing, gay couples would be offended that we are talking about the worth of their relationships. For another, as MacIntyre would say, we don’t have the right set of concepts even to start talking about worthy or unworthy sexual relationships. So, given the thrust of public opinion, either we’ll get private marriage, or gay marriage. The latter seems much preferable, even to a reactionary like me. Gay marriage might lead to the destruction of the institution of marriage, but privatizing marriage would be the destruction of the institution.

David Schaengold



  1. […] been discussing how best to view the inevitable legalization of gay marriage. David Schaengold summarizes: The argument about gay marriage really is about whether we think homosexual sexual unions as a […]

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  2. Why would privatizing marriage destroy the institution? For most of history, marriage has been private.

    Comment by Pensans — June 15, 2009 @ 9:41 pm

  3. […] read David Schaengold, who also has more here. I suppose I don’t – or at least, try not to – share the conviction […]

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