Plumb Lines

September 18, 2009

Awaiting the Real Obama

Filed under: Uncategorized — Matthew Schmitz @ 2:53 pm

If I was President Obama, I would be furious at David Brooks. In today’s column Brooks says that our history has been defined by the debate between Jefferson and Hamilton, which is nearly as old and deep as the division between black and white. This is tough news for Obama: here he just transcended our racial divide and he learns that having a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya is not enough. He also needs a father from the West Indies and another from the Virginia plantations. One’s racial makeup is insignificant if his identity and politics are 100% Hamiltonian.

I’m hoping Brooks will point out just what the Obama of Hamiltonian-Jeffersonianism might look like. Maybe he’ll be wonkish and whacky, one part Charlie Rose and one part Glenn Beck. Do I hear any calls for Newt 2012?

-Matthew Schmitz

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