Plumb Lines

September 20, 2009

A Slow Education

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My fellow conservatives continue to senselessly oppose the kind of family-friendly, community-strengthening transit policies they should be championing. More evidence that conservative thinking on transit is destined for a head-on collision with reality comes from Arizona. There the Goldwater Institute has been embarrassed by its opposition to a wildly successful light rail system in Phoenix. From today’s Times:

Among the many detractors — and they were multitudinous — who thought a light rail line in this sprawling city would be a riderless $1 billion failure was Starlee Rhoades, the spokeswoman for the Goldwater Institute, a vocal critic of the rail’s expense. “I’ve taken it,” Ms. Rhoades said, slightly sheepishly. “It’s useful.”

She and her colleagues still think the rail is oversubsidized, but in terms of predictions of failure, she said, “We don’t dwell.”

-Matthew Schmitz


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