Plumb Lines

September 24, 2009

You Might Suck

Filed under: Uncategorized — Matthew Schmitz @ 2:11 pm

Speaking from experience, Ivy-League students don’t often hear truth like this. From the Daily Princetonian:

I hate to say it, Class of 2013, but some of you might suck. Some of you might at this moment be on a crash course with a future of hurting people and leaving society the worse for your presence . . .

We will not all go on to be the next Nash or Sotomayor or Forbes. Very few of us will even come close — and whether you will be a “great” might already be out of your control. Always in your control, however, is whether you are good. Whether you cheat on your spouse, disappoint your friends, harm your country, or break the Honor Code — these are things forever in your hands. You’re at Princeton, but so what? In the words of Han Solo: “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.”

-Matthew Schmitz


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