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October 15, 2009

How to Not Die

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Joe Carter presents some tips on how not to die:

1. Drive the biggest vehicle you can afford to drive.
2. Never get on a 4-wheeler ATV [quad bike].
3. Do not road cycle or jog on public roads/roadsides.

I’ll just point out that while driving a huge car and not walking may well be a good ideas on the individual level, both create all kinds of hazards when widely practiced. This is why we need to do things to make it so that people can take a stroll without putting their lives at risk. This will require collective action, but such action is more likely to be successful if it is done on a local level as close to the people as possible.

-Matthew Schmitz

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  1. #1 is just stupid. Big vehicles aren’t necessarily safer, because often they’re poor handling, high center of gravity, engineering nightmares. Not getting into an collision in the first place and not rolling over are good things. Big vehicles undoubtedly are less safe for everyone else one the road. Big SUV: a) no less likely to die, b) more likely to kill.

    #2, sure.

    #3, why die on the road when you can have a nice comfortable heart attack on the couch?

    Comment by sanly bowitz — January 19, 2010 @ 2:07 pm

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