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February 1, 2011

Who else?

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There’s a curious highway running through West Baltimore. To the west of Martin Luther King Boulevard, ramps lead down from West Franklin and West Mulberry to a sunken expressway in a massive trench. This artificial canyon runs for about a mile and then stops abruptly, four or five miles short of the beltway to which it was meant to connect. This stretch of US-40 is known as Baltimore’s “Highway to Nowhere”; BmoreSmart made a video giving a view of  the trench from a nearby rooftop:

The city is now in the process of filling in the trench; the project is now pretty universally recognized as having been a bad idea in the first place. Who would have designed such a thing? From Antero Pietila’s excellent Not in My Neighborhood:

Downtown Baltimore had been under a massive assault since 1944. That year the city hired Robert Moses to plan a new crosstown expressway. No one could argue against better roads; during the war, the few existing arteries in the city had created one of the nation’s worst transportation nightmares. Moses, New York’s indefatigable parks and roads czar, chose a sunken expressway path. He proposed bulldozing through Howard and Charles streets, piercing the heart of the downtown retail district. His plan would have saved, barely, the Roman Catholic basilica, the Walters Art Museum, and the Enoch Pratt Free Library, but dozens of churches and public buildings were earmarked for demolition. All told, Moses proposed to raze two hundred city blocks and relocate some nineteen thousand residents, most of them black. “Nothing which we propose to remove will constitute any loss to Baltimore,” he assured.

-William Brafford


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