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Plumb Lines is about art, cities, culture, and whatever else moves us to write. Some of our bloggers are interested in the future of conservatism, and some of us think we’d be better off without it. We are united in our rejection of soulless built environments, abortion, and unfettered capitalism.


David Schaengold is a fairly recent graduate of Princeton of no particular profession. He used to research transportation policy, and retains a particular interest in cities and trains. He believes his hometown of Cincinnati to be the most beautiful American city, though admittedly Pittsburgh and Savannah are also really swell. Send him an email if you’d like, at his firstnamelastname at

William Brafford was born and raised in the fine state of North Carolina. He’s recently been exploring the history of housing policy, the philosophy of technology, and the music of Brahms. William studied mathematics at the University of North Carolina.


Michael E. van Landingham knows about Russia; he lives there at the moment; he knows about rap; he likes to party; he learned how to do so at Princeton; he’s from the South; his bachelor party may involve American football played in tuxedos and 50 cal. machine guns. Inquiries to

Matthew Schmitz, native of O’Neill, Nebraska, which is named after General John O’Neill of the Irish Republican Army, who invaded Canada on four separate occasions, is also recently of Princeton. He is the managing editor of Public Discourse. He can be contacted at matthewschmitz at gmail dot com.

Keith Staples is a disembodied voice crying in the wilderness


The Opinions herein expressed here are naturally those of the writer alone and do not reflect  the views of his employer, colleagues, relations, friends, acquaintances, or pets.


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