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July 29, 2009

Truth and Fairness in the Birther Controversy

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I may have been the only person surprised to see Andrew Sullivan joining with notorious “birther” Orly Taitz and some of the most insane elements of talk radio in calling for the public release of the original copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Sullivan did not for a moment think that Obama was born outside the U.S., but he did believe that the president might as well release the thing. And after demanding various records of Sarah Palin, it only seemed fair to avoid “double standards” and call for the same openness from Obama.

Here’s my beef with Sullivan’s stance: insanity should not aspire to even-handedness. Hackery should be humble enough to not claim objectivity. I much prefer the partisans who only make false, outrageous and offensive claims about one kind of politician to those who, out of an inflated moral sense, see fit to make them about all sides.  Obama should never have had to address the birth-certificate controversy, even if doing so was easy, because it had no basis in reality. (Much like some of the allegations about Palin that Sullivan actually believed.) If you wrong one person, it’s not somehow fair to wrong everyone else. It is simply more unjust.

-Matthew Schmitz


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