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January 15, 2010

Eric Rohmer 1920-2010

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In this space I will be gathering reactions to the death of Eric Rohmer, the great Catholic filmmaker of the French New Wave. I will continue to update with relevant pieces as they come out, so feel free to recommend any I’ve missed.

A.O. Scott is Wrong about Rohmer (Jonathan Rosenbaum)
Body and Soul (Slate)
Calmly Dissecting Desire (New York Times)
The Cineastes’ Favorite Conservative (National Review)
Director Who Put Dialogue First (Financial Times)
Emphatically Cinematic Films (Moving Image Source)
Eric Rohmer and the Events of 1968 (World Socialist)
He Turned His Back on Hitchcock (Salon)
Intrinsically French Films (Expatica)
Leading Fimmaker of the French New Wave (New York Times)
A Meticulous Planner (Washington Post)
Moralist at the Heart of French Cinema (National)
My Favorite Director (Slate)
My Nights with Eric (New York Times)
Philosopher, Rhetorician, Ally of the Young (Guardian)
Rohmer Has a Twitter Meme (L Magazine)
Rohmer’s World (New Yorker)
Le Roman de Rohmer (Liberation)
Tales Well Told (L Magazine)
Talking at the Movies (Matinee Idle)

An even more extensive roundup here.

Also, a 1977 interview here, a collection of Rohmer’s essays from Cahiers du Cinema here, and film clips here. If you prefer pictures to words, start with this slideshow.

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